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Twitter's Ad Revenue Doubles in Q2

But users increase just 24%, and marketers still await promised metrics that will indicate audience reach beyond Twitter’s logged-in base.


DealBook: In Hedge Fund, Argentina Finds Relentless Foe

Argentina failed to make payments on its government bond, and a court-appointed mediator said that it would “imminently be in default.”


Whenever we read the obscene stories, voluptuous debaucheries, the cruel and tortous executions, the …

Whenever we read the obscene stories, voluptuous debaucheries, the cruel and tortous executions, the unrelenting vindictivenes, with which more than half the Bible is filled, it would be more consistant that we called it the word of a Demon than the word of God. It is a history of wickedness that has served to corrupt […]


Argentine debt talks end in failure

Argentina and the so-called “hold-out” investors fail to reach an agreement at last-ditch talks, pushing the country towards a default.


DealBook: Bank of America Raises Its Settlement Offer

In determining the penalty, Judge Rakoff looked at how much Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac paid for defective mortgages that were originated as part of a program that was nicknamed the “hustle.”


Brown Recluse Bite: Symptoms To Watch For

Experts are warning that brown recluse spider bites are on the rise and that it is important to know what symptoms to watch for.

If caught on time, brown recluse bites can be treated without any complications.

If they are left untreated they can lead to severe tissue damage, infections and scars.

If you are afraid that you or someone you know may be suffering from a brown recluse bite you should check for these symptoms and seek medical attention immediately.

One of the first signs of a brown recluse bite is a fever and other flu-like symptoms. This is also why so many people dismiss the symptoms and spider bite. If you don’t remember being bit by a spider and are experiencing these symptoms you may think that you are just getting sick. If the fever last for more than a day you should see a doctor immediately, especially if you have been bitten by a spider.

Pain, Redness, Swelling
Pain, redness and swelling are common with most spider and bug bites but are a lot worse with brown recluse bites. If you have been bitten by a spider and notice that the area around the bite is more painful, discolored or swollen than it should be, seek medical attention.

Trouble Breathing
If you are having trouble breathing, get to the emergency room or doctor’s office quickly. This is one of the clearest signs of a brown recluse bite and can also be a sign of an allergic reaction. Regardless of the reason for the breathing problems, this symptom is a serious one and requires medical care quickly.

If you think you may have been bitten by a brown recluse, get checked out by a doctor as soon as possible. Just a few weeks ago an otherwise healthy woman died as a result of a brown recluse bite because she took so long to get medical attention.

Brown recluse spider bites are on the rise around the country and will get worse as fall starts to set in.

Image via Wikimedia Commons


Miranda Kerr Encourages Individuality In Women

Miranda Kerr is beautiful and confident and but she says her favorite quality about herself is her individuality. Kerr believes that it is important for every woman to embrace her own individuality and take pride in the things that make her unique.

“What I’m trying to encourage, specially within young women, is for them to celebrate individuality, embrace their authenticity and really feel like they don’t have to fit into certain type of box,” the model said.

“Everyone is so different and we need to stand together and empower each other as women to be the best versions of ourselves that we know we can be. To achieve that, we need to feel our best, so we should motivate each other to eat healthy and expand on things we love doing. Some people are more intellectual, some people are really funny, whatever it is, we all have something unique to bring to the table.
“So, find what it is that you’re passionate about, be true to your beliefs and don’t feel that you have to be anything but yourself.”

Kerr likes to give advice on empowerment and individuality and has even written two books on the subject. Treasure Yourself and Empower Yourself were both written by Kerr and are self-help books that can show you how and why you should be happy with yourself.

No that Kerr is a mother she says that she feels more empowered than ever and that she sometimes needs that feeling to get her through the busy days. She also said that being a parent has taught her more about herself and how organized and strong she can be.

“I’m definitely more organized now that I’ve ever been and that’s good for me because I already have my next two years planned out with certain contracts that I have, but I make sure that I take a few days off to be with my son when I get home. We read or dance together, we go and hang out with a playgroup or draw together. Those special moments are really important. I’m working ‘moth-er’ not ‘harder.’”

What do you think of Kerr’s advice?

Image via Wikimedia Commons


Crop Circles Appear In History Earlier Than You Might Think

A mysterious set of crop circles have popped up in a wheat field near Weilheim, Germany.

Farmer Christoph Huttner, who owns the land, insisted to the media that it wasn’t his doing.

As this is the first set of crop circles of the year, it is generating some excitement. Not just locally but internationally as well.

A number of curious individuals are said to have made their way to the site of the crop circles. From the air, the image features a series of circles in the center and a curved checkerboard pattern, all in one larger circle.

It’s very complex and was created with expert precision. The sort of precision that strongly suggests that the crop circles were man-made.

There have been numerous crop circle hoaxes, going all the way back to the UFO-related crop circle craze of the 1970s.

This crazy crop circle showed up Germany last week

— U.S. News (@usnews) July 30, 2014

However, it turns out that the crop circle did not begin with the Bowers and Chorleys of the world.

In fact, the earliest known reference to crop circles in Western Civilization can be traced to a woodcut picture dated to 1647.

The image features a shadowy figure creating a series of crop circles. The being is called the “Mowing-Devil”.

The image was actually featured in a pamphlet created in 1678 in Hertfordshire, England. The story behind the “Mowing-Devil” image relates to bizarre crop circles that a farmer allegedly found in his field.

The urban legend-esque story goes that a farmer was asked by a laborer to pay a fee to mow his crops that the man found rather outrageous.

The English farmer is said to have exclaimed he’d prefer the Devil himself to mow his oats than to pay the laborer a single penny.

The next day, the man awoke to crop circles which were said to have been Satanic in origin.

As you can see, the narrative for unexplained events changes as society changes. Once upon a time, these crop circles would have been seen as miraculous or demonic.

Now they’re readily associated with aliens and UFOs.

It almost makes one wonder who or what the circular patterns will be blamed on in the future.

Image via Wikimedia Commons